Well, for those of us that own pieces to smoke with, pipes, bubblers, bongs, etc. We have to maintain and clean them regularly, you don’t want to use something dirty to burn something that gets inhaled into your lungs do you!? Of course not, so when pieces get cleaned, you’re mainly going to spend your time removing something called Resin.

See that black shit in the middle of the bowl? That shit is all throughout the inside of the pipe, that’s Resin. That’s pretty much what you’re breathing into your lungs, just stuck to the wall of the god damn pipe. This shit can be collected then smoked for a high, it’s normally looked down by most stoners, because you only smoke Resin when you’re out of weed/hash. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, RESIN IS NOT FUCKING HASH. There are several ways to extract this shit while cleaning your pipe.


Resin Extraction Method 1 – Baking
Depending on what your pipe is made out of (glass or soapstone), you can put it in the oven at around 200F for a few minutes until it starts to melt, don’t let it burn though, personally I don’t recommend this method, unless you have a lot of built up Resin.


Resin Extraction Method 2 – Scraping
This one doesn’t really have a pipe requirement, it can really be made out of anything; simply take a metal tool that has a flat and narrow end, and scrape along the bowl of the pipe, you can heat up the end of the bowl like in Method 3, but it’s not required.


Resin Extraction Method 3 – Q-Tips Nigga
Again, this method allows your pipe to made out of pretty much anything, Simply head up the bowl of the pipe with a lighter for a few seconds (hold the pipe 1-2 inches away from the lighter flame), then once it’s heated up, use a Q-Tip to rub against the inside of the bowl collecting the resin on the end of the Q-Tip. Once that Q-Tip is fill of your tasty Resin, you can pull away the excess cotton until it’s mainly just that black shit, then simply cut as much of the cotton off as you can, roll it into a bowl and smoke it. The cotton is smoke-able and doesn’t really have too much of an impact.


For reference, Resin looks like this


Now, you’re probably wondering why I call Resin pot’s last gift, it’s pretty simple. When you’ve smoked all your pot, the last thing weed can do for you is bless you with this shit, just when you think you’re out of luck, you can scrape your pipe for one last high. Depending on the pipe/amount of Resin you could get multiple highs from it.