I’m sorry to say, Fernando, that I want to really break with you. I don’t want any relation with you, since you are poisonous to the touch. That doesn’t mean you cannot keep on living your own life without me. I liked you a lot when I was younger, and you took good care of me. I at first was an influenciable youth of just 17 years of age, unsure of myself and totally misplaced. But it is not happening anymore. Please leave me and my friends alone. That’s really the subject of this letter.

Sadly to say, I’m now in a new relationship that I don’t really know how long it is going to last. I know my love to Keht is impossible to materialize, since he likes girls in real life. But, unlike you, I’m willing to change, and I’ll try to turn into female at some point of my life. Right now, I’m not feeling good writing to you this letter. But I’m afraid that the truth must come to be the reality for me. I’ll miss our little chats, and I hope you are happy with your new mate. I’ll miss you dear, you meant a lot to me, since you took good care of me in the past. I’ll find you around, that’s for sure, and if we bump into you, please ignore us.

Now I know you have been launching bots at secondlife too. I got im’ed by your bot several times, and that was a mistake from which I realized the only person who would be interested in a new comer in second life would be you.

Please, just let me go. Please? I have set you to get ignored at second life too, and your bot. How much of it do I have to take for you to leave me alone? How many times should I tell you no? A hundred times? A thousand? Because I’m feeling tired about this. As you always say, you don’t do to others what you don’t want for yourself. Imagine for a second I was the person that tried to follow you. Would you like that? No, huh?

Also, I feel your pain. A while back I also lost my mate to some stupid discussion, Though I’m not your mate, I know you love me some how, in your own twisted way. I don’t really mind what you think. Just leave me alone.

Tim also felt your bot. He has set it to ignore it too. Now, if you go through my friend’s list and bother anyone else, I will sue you. International laws about stalking and spying are pretty tough. And I’ll sue you for real.

I’m sorry to say, but when you dumped me at the irc chatroom you had before you got banned, I really felt my heart break. Keht simply picked up the pieces and built me a new hope. Damn it, man, I’m crying as I write to you. Hopefully this is simply a draft and I don’t really send this to you.


Also, you may keep my name at anthrochat and furnet, as you already know my password and my style. It was fun when I read some logs you made with my character. Though I really hope you enjoy my character at furnet and at anthrochat, I’ll not go there ever again. You may keep all my characters, they are yours any way. You may use even my art or any thing you feel like using. But please let me be. The real person behind the character is just too sad to keep it going. We got problems with Nite’Wolf because of you, and I cannot go back to furnet with a straight face. Aldenious has got me banned, and I think you are too. So, enjoy using my character. I’m just the slut, you know, and I’ll always be your friend, no matter what. But if you at any time try to get in contact with me in any form, before I contact you, I will sue you with all the weight of the law. Please do not reply to this email. I’ll bin any reply on the spot.

Now you accused me too many times to be very insistant. I’m not insitant, it is you who tries to go after my tail. I am fed up with your machinations. Please, leave me alone.

I wish this letter would be longer. It is nothing compared to the many endless words we exchanged. But if you want to keep it short, I will repeat myself: If you bother me or any of my friends and I will sue you. That’s all there is to it.