A few months ago I wrote a small twitter bot to announce every time it was 4:20 PM on my computer, then push it to my Twitter, just for shits and giggles, after I wrote that I decided to make it support every timezone, after I did that I realized I needed a new twitter account to run it on, because I doubt my followers would want a tweet every half an hour; thus @Announce420 was born.


After I created the account and ran it for the first few times, I realized that it needed something extra, so I had the idea to embed stoner songs into the tweets, just so that way you can have a little bit of music for your 4:20 smoking session.


It uses the Java Twitter API and the Java SE timezone class, at the moment of writing this, it’s been running solid for 4 months without any issue (no restarting of the program). I might expand this into a simple time/event based bot API and release that on github. I’m not sure yet.


Update – 9/6/2013: I’ve actually decided to stop running Announce420, it will most likely be replaced with an interactive twitter bot.